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  • Aquatic Haus - Aiman Maon

    Aiman Maon

    Very helpful for beginner shrimpkeepers and aquascapists. Detailed explanations on many general topics regarding the hobby especially on important must-knows. Bought items once, good quality, reasonable price, will buy again in the future. All in all...excellent 5stars. Keep it up

  • Aquatic Haus - Amir Hakimi

    Amir Hakimi

    Very friendly and great service. Providing useful tips and advices to new shrimp keeper like me. The parcel received in a great shape. Will defenitely buy from them again.

  • Aquatic Haus - Samantha Loh

    Samantha Loh

    Just receive my shipment of a very green and nice bundle of spiky moss ! Would totally recommend it . Nice healthy plants

  • Aquatic Haus - Sam Shamsul Azhar

    Sam Shamsul Azhar

    Honest seller. Wanted to buy many stuff/equipment but seller told me it was not necessary to buy those for my tank. Never had this experience before. Very knowledgeable & friendly.

  • Aquatic Haus - Dylan Montgomery

    Dylan Montgomery

    Visited numerous times. Great selection of livestock and plant. Staff here been giving me alot of useful advice and opinions. 2 thumbs up.

  • Aquatic Haus - Daniel Thomas Melice

    Daniel Thomas Melice

    Very knowledgeable owner and willing to share as much as information about the Shrimp and etc...

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