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Glowlight Tetra

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The glowlight tetra is absolutely gorgeous and surprisingly easy to care for. Originating in the rivers of Guyana, it is easygoing and peaceful and can survive in a fairly wide range of aquarium environments. Because they are schooling fish, you'll want to keep at least six glowlight tetras.

Peaceful and easy to care for, the glowlight tetra is one of the most popular of all tetras. Small and slender, they reach an adult size of only an inch and a half in length. The translucent, silvery-peach colored body of the glowlight tetra is divided by an iridescent red-gold stripe running from snout to tail. The stripe resembles the glowing filament in a light bulb or glowlight. The same iridescent red color is present on the leading edge of the dorsal fin while the anal and pelvic fins are edged in white.

The trademark stripe of the glowlight tetra is shared by a species of rasbora, known as the red line or glowlight rasbora, and the two fish are sometimes confused. However, the two species are not from the same genus. The most obvious difference between the two is the lack of an adipose fin in the rasbora.

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