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Pygmy Corydoras

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Pgymy Corydoras also known as Corydoras Pygmaeus
Maximum sizes of 1.2 - 3cm

It lives in groups in nature so it’s best to buy at least 6, preferably 10 or more. You’ll find they shoal quite tightly, have more confidence and look much more effective when maintained in good numbers. They’ll also school quite happily with other small fish in the tank.

It’s very peaceful, but doesn’t make an ideal community fish due to its small adult size. It’s easily intimidated by larger tank mates and won’t compete well for food with them. Many fish often kept in community aquaria, such as angelfish, gouramis and larger catfish will also find it an ideal snack. Keep it alone or in a community of other tiny species, such as similarly sized characins, cyprinids or perhaps some small freshwater shrimp. It also makes an ideal dither species for Apistogramma and other dwarf cichlids, as it tends to inhabit the middle levels of the tank.


For LIVE FISH / SHRIMP DELIVERY , please purchase ICE BOX or else we will not ship your order out.

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